World Wide

Curious. Yes I would definately  defind myself as curious. I dare and i love looking over new horizons. OK, I´m an arctic guy who´s living a good life in the snow. But I really love every now and then to leave for other warm corners on our fabulous Earth.


Most of the pictures in the gallery are available as fine art wall prints.

Art of Traveling

Some hundred years ago, rich men sent their sons away from home to travel Europe on an educational Journey. Today we are all rich in our western society, fooled to believe that our way of living is the only way. More than ever, it´s now important to send our kids out in the world so they can see that there are other ways of living on other continents that can be just as good as ours, and maybe better. It is also good for one´s perspective of life to get out of the comfort zone, and experience poverty and the feeling of being a little unsafe. When you come home you can really start to value the things you got, and look beyond our silly western problems.

More than anything, it gives me great joy to meet people of other cultures often with no other language but smile and laughter. Experience habits, food and way of living. Unusual landscapes and animals… Thanks to social media it´s easy to keep in contact with new friends.

Land Cruisers and Land Rovers are my ashoreborn explorer ships, so I say it like Land Rover:

One Life, Live it!