Northern Norway

Northern Norway. It´s all about ocean, mountains and sky. Sun and rain. Warm and cold (well mostly cold). Everything at the same time, and real close upon you.


Most of the pictures in the gallery are available as fine art wall prints.

For the love of this arctic region:The People, the animals and the light.

People have been trying to make their living up here since after the ice age, struggling against the harsh environment. The last decades, many artists have settled here in the north. The reason for this is the arctic light. Here where we live at the top of the world, the angle of the sun is so sharp that dusk and dawns are quite different than further south, where most people live on our planet. Here we have the bright summer with midnight sun, and the dark winter season where the sun is totally gone. But then again we got Aurora Borealis. The further north you get, the longer you got midnight sun and dark Season. At the North Pole theres approx six months of light, and six months of darkness. The sun is only settling once a year there!

Luckily, it´s not like that here. However, I´m really paying attention to the cycle of the seasons. Most important to me is the two weeks before and after: -the sun reappear after the dark season, -the midnight sun starts and ends and when the sun disappears for the dark season. Thats when the colours go crazy here in the north!

My home is in the small town of Harstad, in the middle of a lot of fun: To the west is the famous islands of Lofoten and Vesterålen, to the east is the town of Narvik and the Swedish mountain National Parks and to the north we got the middle part of Troms county, with Arctic Wildlife Center Polar Park, Dividalen National Park and the beautiful rough island of Senja. All of those majestic places I can reach within two to four hours by car form my home. This region is also the place where the Aurora circle hit straight above our heads. I´m quite lucky with my ancestors choise of settling 🙂

Please, enjoy my Northern Norway.